Inherit a load of heirlooms you don't need? Held on to some childhood items that are just taking up room in the attic?


At Affordable Antiques we can find your dearest objects a new loving home as well as earn you some money on the side!

Frequently asked questions

What type of items do you take?

We take a variety of items, the more unique the better!

What do you NOT take on consignment?

Affordable Antiques Consignment is currently not accepting China, Glassware, Rugs, Lamps,Silver Plate or Large Furniture (all with exception to the truly unique) though this is ever changing.

Will you accept off-season items?

We do not accept seasonal items during their off-seasons (I.E.- No Christmas items during the Spring etc..)

How does the consignment process work?

First you will send pictures to . From there a member of our team will contact you on what we will and will not be able to accept. After your items have been approved, we will ask you to schedule a time to come in. Consignment runs on Thursday 11am-4pm and Sunday 12pm-4pm. At your meeting a member of our team will carefully look over any damage to your items. We will then complete a "contract" with an inventory of your items. This contract merely states your items,prices, and acknowledgment of our consignment terms. You will be given a copy for your records. We will then discuss possible pricing for your items. If we are unsure of an items value or authenticity we may take up to 3 days to properly research before pricing. No prices are set until you have agreed on them!

What percentage does the store get for my consignment?

The store will keep 45% of the sale price. You will keep the 55%. There are no additional fees,charges, or penalties.

I consigned an item, but I want it back.

If the item has not already sold, you are more than welcome to come in, sign for your item, and take it home any time you choose!

How long is the consignment period?

We keep items on consignment for 90 days.

My consignment has ended,what now?

If your item does not gather much attention, we will attempt to contact you for 2 weeks. If we do not get in touch with you, we will leave messages. After that 2 week period. If we do not receive a response within that time, all expired items will be sent to a non for profit donation center of our choice and a receipt will be kept for you, for tax purposes.